Grøn Industri
– A greener future

Brand identity
Grøn Industri, TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne

Grøn Industri is a subdivision of TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, focusing on danish companies delivering parts and installation for the transition to green energy, for example towers for wind turbines.

The focus is on companies delivering a triple bottomline to society; sustainable energy, economy and danish jobs, while maintaining a sustainable supply chain all the way. This means, that everything is produced as green as possible under the best standards in every way.

The identity and logo mark is based on the ‘ø’ in ‘grøn’ – which creates a distinct and dynamic element that can be utilised in a various ways across media and touchpoints. It’s inspired by the movement of the wings on wind turbine and has a notion of progressiveness. It can easily be animated or used as a fifth element, creating a simple yet flexible identifier.