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– Snedkerns Efterårsudstilling

Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling
Front end by
Lone Palmus Jensen

Snedkernes efterårsudstilling is a network of danish furniture designers and producers, founded in 1981.

The purpose of the association is to create new experimenting type of high quality furnitures in terms of usability, craftsmanship and art. The network is a lab for innovation and future furniture types and concept. Among key members are Fritz Hansen A/S, HAY, Frederica Furniture, TAKT, Skagerak and so on.

Each year a new exhibition is held where producers and designers present their new concepts. The website features all exhibitions and furnitures since the beginning in 1981.
The design is subtle yet containing playful details in order to give the exhibited objects and exploration full attention. The objective was to create a neutral and timeless design, which can last over time and give room for individual expression for each exhibition design, from year to year. The keywords are Scandinavian minimalism and attention to detail.

Browsing the index the user can see all furnitures from a given year, a given designer or producer. Like browsing the exhibition the user can study the individual designs from different perspectives.

In other words the website works as a platform to give justice to the beautiful and experimenting designs with a catalogue dating over 50 years back, as well as providing a digital platform for each yearly exhibition, and all the information needed in that context.