Strand + Hvass
– a tribute to scandinavian simplicity

Strand + Hvass

Strand+Hvass is a product design studio by the duo Christina Strand and Niels Hvass, focusing on human centric furniture.

With an emphasis on our lived environments, Strand + Hvass seeks to improve the conditions of our surroundings, planet, and shared experiences. At the core of each design lies a goal to create a long-lasting piece that evolves with our world’s changing pace and conditions, focusing on circularity, flexibility, and modularity. A philosophy grounded in the principles of Scandinavian design that has distinguished Strand + Hvass as a studio known for function, simplicity, and quality with an international twist.

Their designs have been internationally recognised, receiving the Finn Juhl Architectural Prize, German Design Award, Interior Innovation Award, and Red Dot Award among many others.

The website is a tribute to scandinavian simplicity build around strict grid and typography rules. This allows the content to be in focus at all times. The websites front page serves as a cover – bringing attention to the curated projects. While the index pages lets the user filter and sort through Strand + Hvass’s extensive catalogue, providing various ways to have the content presented, either in a visual or listed format. Apart from their collective work, the website features a section for the duo’s respective personal work and experiments.