DAY21 is a digital design agency. Strategy, brand and product design is our craft.

We build upon research, insights, knowledge and experience. And dedication. A dedication we share with our clients in designing the best products, brands and strategies.

Core services

Research & insights
Vision design
Experience design

Getting more value out of insights
Turning observations, information and data into actionable insights. And managing insights to ensure a long-term value with a structured mapping of insights across the organization.
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AI powered prediction platform for social sector management
Through NLP and machine learning, Odin are able to monitor empathy burnout among staff and warn managers. We helped in the entire brand, identity and product design – from naming to pixel perfecting the interface.
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Wolfpack is out
We are excited to partner up with Tjooly and Werner Valeur on Wolfpack, an innovative digital platform for expense handling. We've created the brand identity and digital design for all digital touchpoints.
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Some of our clients

Novo Nordisk
Danica Pension
Lån & Spar
Akademiker Pension
GN Venture Works
Pension Danmark
TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne
Strand + Hvass