– Social prediction platform

Brand identity
Product design

Odin is an AI powered prediction platform for social sector management. Through NLP and machine learning, Odin are able to monitor empathy burnout among staff and warn managers that it’s time to make a change in staff planning and relations between staff and residents to prevent episodes causing burn out, sick days or sick leaves. In other words, Odin are revolutionizing social sector management for better mental health through technology.

The identity balances two main factor. That Odin is a state of the art tech product based on research from danish universities. On the other hand, Odin needs to embrace empathy, seriousness and trustworthiness given the serious and delicate subject.
The identity if a reference to Odin, who gave his one eye in turn of all seeing knowledge. Just as the myth, the products reveals insights that are not otherwise visible for the ordinary eye. The pattern is a reference to the network graphs and connection points essential for visualising staff and patient relationships – the same and geometrical pattern is reflected in the logo type it self.